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Protect hair oil

Protect hair oil

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Strong styling oil,Stereo modelling,Natural luster not greasy
1. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair and create a simple style.
Smooth it over the fingertips of both hands, the exact amount according to the length of one's hair
2. Apply evenly to the ends of your hair, and then use a comb or both hands to comb out your favorite style
3. Wait for two minutes until the oil starts to dry
Traditional usage:
Use towel to absorb water after shampoo, besmear hair oil, comb back with comb next line. If you think it fits
Blow-dry your hair if it's too frumpy to handle, but be sure to pay attention to the texture of your hair and use it
Contain burnish feeling finalize the design product, comb hair finalizethe design. Use your fingers instead of your palm when styling
Accumulate smear, this will make your hair look too greasy rather than stylish!




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