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Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence

Flawless Lactobionic Acid Essence

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Product Name: Raw Liquid Lactic Acid
Function: Fine Pores, Moisturizing
Net weight: 15 ml
Main ingredients: lactobionic acid, hyaluronic acid, rosemary
Shelf life: 3 years
Applicable skin type: General
Quantity: 1 pc
Packaging: boxed color

1. Dredge and purify pores, relieve blackheads and other problems
2. Large pores astringent, promote skin fineness, make skin smooth and delicate
3. Opaque brown bottle to avoid light storage
4. Soft, moist, thin and smooth skin
5. Soft, transparent and easy to absorb, the PH value which is good for the skin is close to the skin TF0467C1 TF0467(6) TF0467(7) TF0467(8) TF0467(9) TF0467(11)

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