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Essence brightens skin tone and reduces acne marks

Essence brightens skin tone and reduces acne marks

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Skin Type: General
Shelf life: three years
Net content: 30 (g/ml)
Ingredients: Vitamin C
Product form: liquid
Gross weight: 92g

Use Suggest
After cleansing, put the essence on the palm of your hand and spread it evenly on the face.

The bottom of the carton has information such as the product barcode and the expiration date after opening the bottle. 24M means please use it within 24 months after opening the bottle.
The transparent water-like texture does not smell at all if you don't smell it carefully. It does not contain oil and smears it gently. It is refreshing and not sticky. The moisturizing degree is very good. You can use the oily skin sister paper with peace of mind! Contains hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor, which absorbs quickly, and immediately locks the moisture on your face. It feels moist and soft.

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