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Chinese Medicine Multiple Anti-tumor Lipoma Pain Cream

Chinese Medicine Multiple Anti-tumor Lipoma Pain Cream

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Herbal Lipoma Removal Ointment

Net weight: 20g
Ingredient: Natural herbal extract
Suitable for the crowd: general / children & adults
Application: Body
Shelf life: 24 months
Suitable for: Removing lipomas, fibroids, subcutaneous lumps, etc., to relieve pain and other discomfort caused by them.

100% new herbal ingredients;
Mild and safe, no irritation, no side effects;
Easy to absorb, penetrate deeply, quickly relieve discomfort;
Painless treatment, anti-inflammatory from inside the skin;
Light herbal scent;
Small and lightweight, easy to carry.
Apply the ointment to the affected area by hand and massage gently until fully absorbed. 2-3 times a day.
Clean and dry affected area before use; keep away from your eyes and mouth; and do not use on damaged skin or wounds.

Warm Tips:
Patients should pay attention to limiting spicy food in their daily life.
do not drink alcohol. It is recommended to quit smoking and drinking, otherwise it will cause the tumor to grow and expand.
Avoid eating high cholesterol foods such as animal organs in daily life.
This product is not a substitute for medicines. If your symptoms are severe, seek medical attention.

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1 * Lipoma Removal Cream

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